How Do I Check My QVC Medical Report?

I know all the information about the Qatar Visa Center (Qatar Visa Center) medical report method and guide you to share all the information related QVC Medical report, you can check the How Do I Check My QVC Medical Report detail. 

If you are interested in visiting Qatar, then can apply for a visa to Qatar. Before applying for the visa the main important note is that check the medical report with the necessary documents that are required.

This process is very simplified. After the checking medical report, the Qatar Visa Center provides the medical check status certified to the authority.

Check My QVC Medical

To Check My QVC Medical the few main steps are given below you can follow these.

Visit the Official Website of the Qatar Visa Center

first of all the visit the official website that URL as

QVC Medical Report

Selection the Language

After the visit, the website selected languages like English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, etc.

QVC Medical Report

Choose your own Country

After selecting the language, the next box shows below for the country selection. You can choose the country.

QVC Medical Report

Click Track Application

The new tab box opens after the selection of your own country.  In the new tab, you can click the Track Application option on the next process.

Enter Passport Number >> Enter Visa Number >> the Captcha Code >> Click Submit Botton

After the submit button three options (Application Confirmed+Biometric Enrolment Complete+ Medical Test Complete) are shown ok

QVC Medical Report

Medical Test Status

After all processes medical test statuses are shown on the screen.

QVC Medical Report

Results Available with Employer

The Medical Test Status process takes a few days, and when the process is complete the results are available with the employer on screen and take the print with hardshape.

QVC Medical Report

QVC Medical Check Online

Step: 1 Visit Official Web url

Step: 2 Select the Language

Step: 3 Choose the Country

Step: 4 After choosing the country new tab is open

Step: 5 In the new Tab Click the Track Application Option

Step: 6 Track Application will be open

Step: 7 In the Track Application Enter your Passport Number

Step: 8 Enter Visa Number

Step: 9 Enter the Captcha Code

Step: 10 Click the Submit Botton

Step: 11 After the submit button “Application Confirmed+Biometric Enrolment Complete+ Medical Test Complete” option is automatically selected.

Step: 12 Medical Test Status is shown on the Screen

Step: 13 Finally in a few working days Employer results will be available

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How Do I Check My QVC Medical Report?

Visit then Select the Language then Choose the Country. After choosing the country new tab is open. Click the Track Application Option, In the Track Application Enter your Passport Number, Enter your Visa Number then Enter the Captcha Code Finally, Click the Submit Botton.

After the submit button “Application Confirmed+Biometric Enrolment Complete+ Medical Test Complete” option is automatically selected. after this Medical Test Status is shown on the Screen. Finally in a few working days Employer results will be available.

QVC Medical Test List

QVC medical test includes the following steps.

General Overall Examinations

in this, first of all, the checkup the medical history, after this physical checkup. The next process is a vision test.

All recording reports related to the exams like physical, signs as weight, blood pressure height, etc done.

Medical Test

  • X-ray of the chest is an anterior view.
  • another medical check-up like Anti HCV, HBsAg, etc
  • Hemoglobin tests, pregnancy tests for women, blood sugar, etc are also checked.

Advanced More Medical Analysis

  • Returning to QVC, the applicant is x-rayed using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • For blood tests, if the applicant needs to undergo a QVC again to get a blood check-up from an approved laboratory.
  • The applicant must undergo a reasonable health assessment by a doctor from an approved external hospital.
  • It should also be noted that the Ministry of Interior of Qatar reserves the right to reject the applicant’s application even after passing all the stages.
  • If once the referred test or counseling is completed the applicant has to physically submit his/her report once.

QVC Medical Result

QVC’s medical report is usually completed within two to three days. If there is more complexity or doubt, it may take longer. According to QVC Medical Report, you can also visit their website.

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How Much is the Qatar Visa Fee?

Visa is free for all travelers who are eligible to visit the country of Qatar. Qatar visa can also be extended. Its conditions are not strict. are So you don’t need to worry about it.

How To Check Medical Result Online?

Check Medical Result, You must have one of these items MC Number, Visa Number, or Qatar ID Number. Select the one enter the test date and click the search button the result will be shown.

Important Notes to Check Medical Result

  • 72 hours, the result will be uploaded ۔ Allow 72 hours to see your result۔
  • The previous 3 months’ result shows if you can check them
  • If your results are now shown then contact the helpline of MOI
  • Working day hours at the time Sunday to Thursday 07:00 am-07:00 pm


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