Qatar Visa Check Online Step-by-Step Complete Guide

I will give all the information about the Qatar Visa Check Online Step-by-Step Complete Guide If you want to visit Qatar, you will need a visa. How to get this visa and what are the procedures? 

No need to worry! I will give you all the information about the Check Qatar visa. What is the process of a Qatar visa and what is its procedure? I will tell you all the guides step by step.

All the processes related to the visa to Qatar are given below in detail. You can follow this step by step. 

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Qatar?

Before starting the visa application process, you must determine whether a visa is required to visit Qatar۔

About 80 countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. can enter Qatar for free for 90 days.

If you are also not a citizen of these countries, you will need a visa before visiting Qatar.

Types of Visas for Qatar

There are different types of visas that are available for Qatar. These visas depend on the purpose of your visit. Some common types of visas are given as follows.

  • Tourist VisaA tourist visa is about 30 days and gives those people who purpose are visiting Qatar. 
  • Business VisaA business visa is about 30 days and gives those people purpose are Business to Qatar.
  • Work VisaA work visa is about 30 days and gives those people who have a job offering and then stay in Qatar.
  • Family Visit Visa: Family visit visa is about 30 days and given to those people who have living family members in Qatar. 
  • Transit Visa: A transit visa is to stay for up to about 96 hours and is given to those people who transit in Qatar. 

Qatar Visa Check Online

You can check the online Visa of Qatar when you apply for a visa to Qatar. The following steps are given to check the Qatar Visa online. 

Step 1: Enter your own “Visa” or “Passport number“.

Step 2: Then Click on the “Submit” button.

Step 3: After the Submission button, you will be moved to the official website portal.

Step 4: On the official website enter your “Visa Number” or “Passport Number” 

Step 5: select “Nationality”.

Step 6: Fill out the “Captcha” Code

Sept 7: Finally click on the “Submit” button.

Step 8: That is why! You will see your visa status showing on your screen.

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Qatar Visa Check Online by Passport Number

If you want to check your Qatar visa online by using the passport number then you can following these steps. The main steps are given in detail.:

Visit the Official Website “MOI”

Go to Visa’s main website

Qatar Visa Check

Click “MOI Services” Option

On the home page there will be an option of MOI Services, in the Navigation menu click on the option of MOI.

Qatar Visa Check

Click “Inquiries” Option

After clicking Moi Service the Inquiries option is given to the drop menu. Then Click The Inquiries option. 

Qatar Visa Check

Click “Visa Services” Option 

After Clicking the Inquiries option the new page is loaded on screen. There are many options on this page you can select Visa Services to Qatar Visa Check.

The infect Visa Services option is given on the left side of the menu with the shape of a binocular icon. 

Qatar Visa Check

 Click Visa Inquiry and Printing”

The Visa Inquiry and Printing option is shown on the button center after clicking the visa services. When clicking Visa inquiry and printing the new tab opens with the inclusion of different options like Visa Number, passport number, nationality, verification code and then the last submitted button. 

Qatar Visa Check

Enter the “Passport Number” 

In the Visa inquiry and printing option the first step you can enter is the passport number. 

Selection “Nationality”

after entering your Passport number select the nationality like Qatar etc 

Enter Verification/Captcha Code

After selecting the nationality, enter the verification captcha code to the website’s security to show the person.

Finally, Click the Submit Button

After entering the captcha or verification code, finally step click the submit button. when clicking the submit button the visa status will be shown on the screen. You can check online to print it in hard shape. 

Qatar Visa Check

Qatar Visa Check Online by Visa Number

If you can check visa status by using the visa number then you can follow these steps. all the steps are given below in detail. 

Step: 1 Visit the Official Website of MOI.

Step: 2 Click the “MOI Services” option 

Step: 3  Click “Inquiries” Option

Step: 4 Then Click “Visa Services” Option 

Step: 5 After clicking the Visa Services option the next step is open as “Visa Inquiry and Printing”

Step: 6 Enter the Visa Number 

Step: 7 Select the Nationality 

Step: 8 Write the Verification code 

Step: 9 Final step submit the option 

After the submit button the visa status will be shown on the screen. You can check the printing it the hard copy.

How to Check the Qatar Visa Check?

Home >> MOI Services >> Inquiries >> Visa Services >> Visa Inquiry & Printing

How to Check Visa Status in Qatar?

Check Visa Status in Qatar Visit the portal of Moi website then click the Moi Service then Click the Inquiry Option. 

After inquiry then click the Visa services and last the visa inquiry and print option to show the visa qatar status. 

How to Check Qatar Visa Online Status?

To Check the Visa Status of Qatar visit the Ministry of Interior (MOI)  official website of Qatar. 

Then Select the Visa Services add the passport number, visa application number and date of birth (DOB) and click the check the status to show the visa status

Is a Qatar Visa available now?

Yes! The policy of the Minister of Qatar is very simple. Residents of about 80 countries are permitted to stay for 30-90 days.

The people who live in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) do not need a passport to visit Qatar. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Qatar Visa?

Qatar visa processing also varies depending on the type and nationality of the minister. It takes about 3-5 business days.

Even if there is a delay, it becomes mandatory to issue a Wazir for 15 days before traveling.

Can I apply for a Qatar visa online?

Qatar Electronic visa system (Qatar eVisa) needs to travelers that is apply online before visiting Qatar


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