Complete Guide to Qatar Family Visa Requirements

I know all the information about Qatar Family Visa Requirements and want to share all these data with you.

If you have a problem related to this, then you have come to the right place. Many people in Qatar live with extended family and many live alone.

Those who live with the family know all the procedures and those who want to take their family for the first time have problems.

What documents are required to take the family? What is their process? How much time does it take for them? All this information will be discussed on today’s topic. Which will be step by step.

Complete Guide to Qatar Family Visa Requirements

Qatar Family Visa Requirements

Prepare all your supporting documents for family visa requirements in Qatar which are very urgent.

Some of these documents are authenticated by the Qatari embassy as well as the Qatari ministry. Or need to be verified. For this you will need the help of private companies, you can also get help from them.

Some of the important documents that are required for a family visa to Qatar. Which are these?

  • Qatar ID Card Copy
  • Passport Copy
  • Marriage Certificate Copy
  • Educational Documents
  • Children Birth Certificate
  • Company Registration Card
  • Rental Agreement Copy Certified
  • Six-Month Stamped Bank Statement
  • Employment Contract Stamped
  • Health Insurance
  • An application Form

Qatar ID Card Copy

A Qatar ID card is also mandatory for a family visa in Qatar. Copy of Qatar ID card is mandatory

Passport Copy

A passport copy should also be mandatory. Which should have a name, photo, and other information on the front page. A passport copy is mandatory for a family visa.

Marriage Certificate Copy

Marriage Certificate Copy also has to be attached.

Educational Documents

All Educational Documents also have to be attached.

Children Birth Certificate

The birth certificates of all children should also be included in the record.

Company Registration Card

If you are working in any organization or company the ID card must be mandatory of this company or organization.

Rental Agreement Copy Certified

The rental agreement copy certificate is proof the the company.

Six-Month Stamped Bank Statement

Confirmation of salary for the six months with stamp of bank statement.

Employment Contract Stamped

An employment contract stamp must be needed. It is also mandatory to show the Labour and Social Affairs and other Ministry Of Administrative Development.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance document copies are mandatory to become the family visa of Qatar.

An application Form

Complete information that is entered on the application form must be mandatory. The complete information entered on the application form must be verified so that all the documents can be verified accordingly.

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Family Visa Requirements In Qatar

  • Need ID Card Copy Qatar
  • Passport Copy that includes the front page like Pic, Name, and other information. Passport copies for all members should be attested
  • Attested Marriage Certificate Copy
  • Attested all Educational Documents
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) employer position start and his salary.
  • Children’s Birth Certificate must attested
  • Company Registration Card or Employer QID Copy must be attested.
  • Rental Agreement Copy Certified is also attested
  • Six-Month Stamped Bank Statement of Salary Confirmation.
  • Employment Contract Stamped by labor, social Affairs, Ministry Of Administrative Development
  • Health care or Health Insurance must be cleared.


  • If your documents are not originally in Arabic or English, you will need to have them translated.
  • Employer QID, Education Documents, and Employment Contract are not needed for those persons who are working in public sector organicanton۔
  • If your children are small i.e. adoptable, then adoption papers are mandatory for them.

Complete Guide to Qatar Family Visa Requirements

Family Visit Visa Requirements In Qatar

You need to follow a few simple steps to get a Qatar Family Visa Requirements. This stage will be quite easy for you as you have already gone through this stage.

The first thing is your correct residence i.e. residence card. According to the Qatar ID card, the applicant must be a Qatar family member visiting visa specialist.

Sometimes some people do unreasonable things that don’t want to inform the family like laborers, delivery boys, drivers, etc.

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How To Apply Family Visit Visa In Qatar?

  1. Applying for the Visa (online or offline)
  2.  Enter Entry Visa of Qatar
  3. Complete a health Insurance examination
  4. Register your fixed fingerprints
  5. Family Residence Permit Card Received


At the end of the Qatar Family Visa Requirements topic, all the required information is given above.

You don’t need to wait any longer, apply for a Qatar family visa online soon and take your family to visit the modern historical places of Qatar.