How to Apply Moi Qatar Visa Extension? Step-by-Step Guide

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) e-services portal of Govt that provides the service to check many services like Moi Qatar visa extension.

I give you complete information related to the Qatar visa extension. If you are facing this problem then today this problem will solve.

Do not worry! I will give you all the information related to the extension of the Qatar visa. This information is given step by step.

Qatar Visa Extension

Various types of visas can be applied in the e-service portal. These visas include business, political, and other visas. All these visas are also extended.
Alternatively, the visas of authorized travelers or persons visiting the embassy can also be extended.
  1. Qatar Visa Extension Applying Online
  2. Qatar Visa Extension Applying Offline

Qatar Visa Extension Applying Online

Step: 1 First of all log in to the official website of the e-services portal on your smartcard

Step: 2 After the visit to the website click “Visa Service“.Visa services will be opened.

Step: 3  In visa services Click “Extend Visa

Step: 4 In Extend Visa you can fill full required information that is given.

Step: 5 Choice the period that is required for extension.

Step: 6 Finlay, Pay fees of appropriate that are given.

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Qatar Visa Extension Applying Offline

Step: 1 First of all download the application form that is given on the official website۔

Qatar Visa Extension Applying Offline

Step: 2 After the download of the application form fill out the required information.

Step: 3 attach the required documents like ID Card, Picture, etc.

Step: 4 Finally, Pay fees of the appropriate that is given.

Moi Qatar Visa Extension

Visit the Official Website of “MOI

First of all, visit the official website of Moi. On the main page of Moi, different Categories are given in the Main page

Qatar Visa Check

Click “MOI Services” Option

On the main page, the MOI Service option is given in categories. Click the MOI Services option

Qatar Visa Check

Click “Inquiries” Option

After Clicking the Moi Services option, the Inquiries option is given subcategories of MOi Services.

Click the Inquiries option to learn more information.

Qatar Visa Check

Click “Visa Services” Option

The visa services option is given below on the left side of the page. click the visa services option

Qatar Visa Check

Click the “Visit Visa Extension” Option

after this, you can Click the Visit Visa Extension option. visit Visa Extension is included in different functions.

Qatar Visa Check

Enter Visa Number or Passport Number

In this option enter the visa number or passport number

MOI-E-services Qatar Visa Inquiry

Selection Nationality

After entering the visa number or visa number you can select the nationality

Enter verification Code

After selecting Nationality enter the Captcha Code or verification code

Finality Click the “Extend” Option

to complete all processes, last click the extension option. Moi Qatar Visa Extension shown the visa option.

On Arrival Visa Extension Qatar

Home >> MOI Services >> Inquiries >> Visa Services >> Visit Visa Extension >> Visa Number or Passport Number >> Nationality >> Verification Code >> Extend

Hayya Visa Extension

HAYYA and the date of entry into the country of Qatar has been extended. Entry permit at HAYYA has been extended till 24 January 2024. While in Qatar, it has been extended till January 10, 2024.


What Are the Requirements for a Qatar Visa Extension?

A passport is required for a Qatar visit visa extension. The validity of the passport should still be 6 months when applying for the visa.

Is it Possible to Extend a Qatar Visa Online?

Yes! It is possible to extend a Qatar Visa Online.

What is the Process for Qatar Visa Extension

e-services portal >> Visa Service >> Extend Visa >> required information >> Pay fees


ٰIn Moi Qatar Visa Extension، You can easily extend the validity of the short Qatar visit visa. All the information about visiting Qatar is given.
Every step should be done carefully like booking medical, paying money, fulfilling the requirements, and extending your visa.
Please make the most of your stay in Qatar by extending your stay and enjoying its beauty.