Top 14 List of Indian Schools In Qatar with Detail

List of Indian Schools In Qatar: Qatar has become a dynamic Gulf country in terms of education. Indians who are living in large numbers in Qatar are very keen on giving their children higher and better education.

In this educational aspect, many Indian educational institutions are running in Qatar which have made their name in the educational field of Qatar. These institutions provide a combination of academic and cultural enrichment.

In this post, we review some of the famous Indian schools that have made their place in the education field in Qatar.

List of Indian Schools In Qatar

List of Indian Schools In Qatar

Indian Schools list are given with the following CBSE Curriculum in Qatar

  1. M.E.S. Indian School
  2. Shantiniketan Indian School
  3. Doha Modern Indian School
  4. DPS Modern Indian School
  5. Galileo International School
  6. Greenwood International School & Kindergarten
  7. Ideal Indian School
  8. Loyola International School
  9. Noble International School
  10. Olive International School
  11. Podar Pearl School
  12. Rajagiri Public School
  13. The Scholars’ International School
  14. The Springfield Primary School

M.E.S. Indian School:

This school is located in Doha. This school offers online e-learning for all level classes and is also well known for its excellence in academic culture, literature, and sports.

  • Address: 6GP4+3PM, Doha
  • Principal: Hameeda Kadar
  • Founded: 1974, Doha
  • President: Abdul Karim
  • Phone: 4457 2888
  • School type: Private school
  • School board: Central Board of Secondary Education

Shantiniketan Indian School:

This educational institution is committed to quality education. This educational institution transforms children of different levels into human beings and global citizens.

This educational institution prepares students to face professional and leadership challenges in Qatar or in other countries.

Located in: Barwa Village – East

Address: 6H7H+F63, Doha

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 7 AM Wed

Phone: 4415 1524

List of Indian Schools In Qatar

Doha Modern Indian School:

One of the schools included in the list of Indian schools in Qatar is Doha Modern Indian School. This school also provides its students with an academic curriculum and excels in extra-curricular activities and sports.

It is also counted among the few main schools۔

  • Address: 6GP2+CPX, Bu Hamour St, Doha
  • Hours:  Closed ⋅ Opens 7 AM Thu
  • Phone: 4458 3121

DPS Modern Indian School:

DPS Modern Indian School is an excellent school and educational institution, it is also considered among the best schools in Qatar.

Along with the educational activities, the sports field has also earned its name in this institution. This institution has also earned its name in the sports field.

  • Address: 5JF3+QCJ، near Pearl Roundabout, Al Wakrah
  • Hours:  Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30 AM Thu
  • Founded: 2001
  • School type: Co-education
  • Motto: Service Before Self
  • Phone: 4449 9100
  • Highest grade: Twelfth Grade
  • Lowest grade: Preschool

Galileo International School:

Galileo International School is an Indian school in Qatar that provides students with a unique curriculum experience that combines both Indian and British curricula. It gives the best results. And at the same time, new experiences also come out.

  • Address: شارع معيذر الشمالية, Ar-Rayyan
  • Hours:  Closed ⋅ Opens 6:45 AM Thu
  • Phone: 3031 3523

Greenwood International School & Kindergarten:

Greenwood International School & Kindergarten This institution is different from other institutions.

It provides a safe and nurturing environment to its students. which promotes academic excellence, social responsibility, and creativity.

  • Address: 6HMC+FW3, Doha
  • Phone: 4492 9878

Ideal Indian School:

Ideal Indian School is an educational institution in Qatar dedicated to providing comprehensive education.

In it, students also sell physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development.

Students of this institution keep themselves busy with other activities as well۔

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Loyola International School:

Loyola International School is one of the famous educational institutes in Qatar. It provides a challenging as well as educational environment for the students.

Which promotes intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity in students

Noble International School:

Noble International School is a school in Qatar that provides students with the highest quality of education while also preparing students for the world of work in a rapidly changing world.

How will these situations be faced in each coming age? And their solution is all described. And they are explained.

Olive International School:

The role of Olive International School in Qatar is also important. It includes all types of knowledge that promote academic excellence, social responsibility, and creativity.

The school provides a safe and supportive learning environment to its students. Which is the desire of every student along with education and also becomes their right.

  • Address: Zone No. 71، Building no. 179، 554 Doha Expy, Umm Salal Muhammed
  • Phone: 4417 1771

Podar Pearl School:

Podar Pearl School has also earned its name at the level of Indian schools in Qatar. This institution is committed to promoting world-class education.

It prepares its students for success in a global society. Which is the biggest and strongest barrier to success.

  • Address: No. 300, zone-91 AL MASHAF, AL WUKAIR QATAR،, الوكير،
  • Hours:  Closed ⋅ Opens 9 AM Sat
  • Phone: 4444 2555

Rajagiri Public School:

An institution in Qatar that promotes social development, emotional development, physical development, and intellectual development in its students is the name of Rajagiri Public School.

Rajagiri Public School is an educational school institution that is well known for providing comprehensive education.

  • Address: Doha
  • Areas served: Abu Hamour
  • Hours:  Closed ⋅ Opens midnight Fri

The Scholars’ International School:

The Scholars’ International School is an institution that helps its students develop intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.

It supports its students in their development by providing a challenging and supportive learning environment

  • Address: 12, Ar-Rayyan
  • Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 12 AM
  • Phone: 4433 6336

The Springfield Primary School:

The Springfield Primary School creates a safe nurturing environment for its students. That is, they take the responsibility of the proper education and upbringing of their children by bringing them into confidence.

It also promotes the creation of new types of academic excellence, social responsibility, and skills in its students. Which is also beneficial and beneficial in the future of the student


Educationally, the List of Indian Schools In Qatar plays an important role in providing education to students. These institutions promote cultural values along with education. This prepares the new generation for new challenges and opportunities.

Indian schools play an important role in the field of education in Qatar; these schools are making a joint effort in the education journey in Qatar.