Family Residence Visa Qatar – How to Apply?

Before you dive into this topic, you may want to understand what a Family Residence Visa is. How is it processed and made? What is needed for this?

A residence family visa is a visa that allows a foreigner to live in their country with their family. That is, a non-worker should be permitted to stay with his family in his country for a longer period. All persons must have a visa, even infants must have a visa.

Applicants have to submit all their documents attested. Among them, are marriage certificates, children’s date of birth certificates, etc. All these stages are described below in detail.

Family Residence Visa Qatar Latest Today News

According to Metrash’s current update, the applicant will not have to submit an employment contract certificate and salary certificate along with other documents.

Wage credit is verified through the Wage Protection System. Before applying for PR of the family, the salary has to be verified and submitted under the Wage Protection System.

Now the education contract is also verified in current terms and you can check the labor contract online. If you cannot find your contract, you should contact the employer’s PRO before proceeding with the next process.

Applicants whose documents are not valid. Or the WPS and labor agreement were invalid, they were put in “missing documents” and some were even canceled.

Family Residence Visa Qatar

Qatar Family Residence Visa

Family Residence Visa Qatar Requirements

Here are some major family residence visas of Qatar requirements are given below.

For Residence Permit

The first requirement for an applicant is that they should have an approved residence permit. Applicant must have residence card or identity card before applying for family visa

For Profession Requirement

Qatar ID Corp applicant’s current occupation should be technical or specialized. If the applicant is a laborer (such as a driver, delivery boy, cleaner, etc.), then his salary cannot cover the family expenses.

The second condition should be that the applicant belongs to a particular profession. He should have a good income so that his family does not face any problems for Qatar residents.

In Qatar Minimum Salary for a Family Visa

At the official level, it is mandatory to have at least 10,000 QR for family residences in Qatar. People whose income is less than 6,000 QR and family residence should be provided at the official level or by an institution. They are also eligible.
According to the law of 2023, people whose salary is up to fifteen thousand QR are eligible for family accommodation. They are likely to be more relaxed in the present era.

Family Residence Visa Qatar Under Process

The MOI mobile app service for Qatar residents is presented in a very convenient way. That means this method is very easy and beneficial for them.

For example, preparing and paying for individual or company exit permits, information about traffic laws or inquiries about their violations, extension and renewal of visas, fees, fines, etc. Get the user interface. Their services are easy to use.

Metrash2 app is the best that You can download and then install online for free on your mobile devices and after installing you can check online all necessary information related to Qatar.

  1. Online Family Residence Visa Qatar
  2. Offline Family Residence Visa Qatar

1. Online Family Residence Visa Qatar

There are two main methods of Metrash2 apps that you can download and then install on your mobile phone or device.

Family Residence Visa Qatar

First is iOS and then second is Android. These are very easily installed.

  1. Metrash2 App for iOS Mobile iPhone
  2. Metrash2 App for Android Mobile iPad

Metrash2 App for iOS Mobile iPhone

The Visa application will be completed going a few steps.

Step: 1 Metrash2 Apps download on your device or mobile iPhone.

Step: 2 After downloading complete install now.

Step: 3 When installed complete then register or create or sign up account

Step: 4 Enter all bio data or your own for the registration account.

Step: 5 After complete registration login or sign in to your account.

Step: 6 Then click the “Visa” option Icon

Step: 7 After then Click “Issue Visa” Option

Step: 8 Click the “Family Visit” Option.

Step: 9 Then select ” Family Resident Application” which is given below the menu.

Step: 10 Click the “New Application” Option.

Step: 11 Enter all the bio data related to the ownself line Name, Father name, Date of Birth, Passport Number, NIC ID Number, etc accurately.

Step: 12 Click “I agree? Option to process next.

Step: 13 The Process will be complete.

Note: after few days you application will be verify you will received the notification.

Step: 14 After receiving notification the next process is to proceed with the fee payment.

Step: 15 Pay the Payment fee for the application

Step: 16 After payment is verified your application will be verified

Family Residence Visa Qatar

Metrash2 App for Android Mobile iPad

First of all, search “Metrash2” mobile apps of your iPad Devices in the Google Play store.

The Option of iPad has been shown. you can download then install now.

After installing you can follow all the steps that are given above step by step. When the process is complete. you will wait a few days for notification of verification. After verification, the next process is the payment method.

After the payment method, payment verifies the application will be verified and then approved. This is a very simple step that is given above

Family Residence Visa Qatar

2. Offline Family Residence Visa Qatar

A Qatar Family Visit visa has a very simple Few Steps. You can follow. These steps are given below.

Step: 1 Download the Application form

Step 2: Fill up the form to take the necessary information that is given.

Step: 3 Get the virtual number and then wait your turn.

Step: 4 When your turn comes, submit all the documents with the application form to the manager.

Step: 5 You will receive a notification within a few days.

Step: 6 Once your application has been approved then the next process.

Step: 7 After approval process fee payment.

Step: 8 Payment verified then status has been received


How to Convert Family Visit Visa to Residence Permit in Qatar?

Convert Family Visit to Residence Visa First of all you can do the process step by step. This step is very simple.
Pay Family Residence Visa Fee >> Change Visa Type >> Update Medical Test Result >> Fingerprints Process >> Apply for Qatar ID

How To Apply Family Residence Visa In Qatar Metrash2?

First of all, the “Metrash2” app, then Select the “Residency” option and click ” Issue Residence Permit”. After this process Enter the Necessary required information. Upload a Passport-size Photo with a Blue Background.
Take a family member’s picture signature write your children’s name on a small piece of paper and upload both. Last Pay QE 500plus QPost delivery with QR 20.

How to Get Family Residence Visa in Qatar?

  • Check Directly Qatar Visa Status¬†

How To Renew Family Residence Visa In Qatar?

Home >> MOI Services >> Inquiries >> Residency Permits Inquiry >> RP Renewal Tracking

How To Cancel Family Residence Visa In Qatar?

The record of the person whose visa is not canceled is available on the government website MOI. The person will have to cancel their visa or passport by visiting the same department or online. Then all these things will end.

Who Is Eligible For Family Visit Visa?

A person with a minimum salary of 15000 QR is eligible for a family visit visa.


Family Residence Visa Qatar detail summary given. Hope! You will understand all the information. If you have any problem or don’t understand something,¬† then comment below and I will reply to you soon.

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