Get Your Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price for Indian, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Today’s topic is related to Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price Let me give you some information about Qatar that will be useful for you.

Qatar is the most beautiful country in the world. Due to this beauty, tourists of the world are attracted to them.

If you also intend to visit Qatar for three months or more, you must apply for a visit visa. This post will tell you about Qatar’s 3 Months Visit Visa Price. will provide all the information about

Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price 2024

There will be a slight change in the price of a three-month visit visa to Qatar. Like the previous years, some changes will take place in 2024, which will be done in the interest of the country of Qatar.

Qatar Visit Visa 2024 which is mandatory for the person who wants to visit Qatar. This year there will be a few changes that will apply to everyone.

Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price

Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price for Indian

QAR 300 is the cost of an Indian visa to visit Qatar. It may take about a week or more to 10 days to process.

Any changes for visas in Qatar? Policies and rules for international visitors are subject to change without notice.

If you want to know information about Indian visas then all details are below. The various processes and their types are also described.

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Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price in Pakistan

Qatar visa for Pakistanis which is QAR 100 per month Qatar visa processing can take up to a week sometimes up to 10 days.

Any policies it has are subject to change without notice for international visitors. It will be mandatory to apply without any notification.

Visitors should first know about all its types. It is imperative to know and follow whatever categories and policies there are.

Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price in Sri Lanka

The visa cost for Sri Lankans to Qatar is 17,000 LKR for 30 days. If a resident wants to get a 90-day business visa, it is 65,000 LKR for men and 75 for women. A 90-day Qatar visa for Sri Lanka can be obtained only by business persons.

A 90-day visa will be available to those who do not wish to visit Qatar for seminars, official or business reasons. The process of this visa takes 4 to 5 days, which is quite a fast process.

Phone Numbers //Whatsapp Number Email
+94 112554669 / +94 112554466 [email protected]
+94 76 4434900

Visit Visa for Dubai for 3 Months Price

Dubai residents choose the price of a Qatari visa. 3 month Dubai visa for Qatar will be according to their choice. A single entry visa now costs AED 789 and a multiple entry visa costs AED 2,200.

The processing time for this visa is 3 to 4 days, rest days are holidays.

The following documents are required to apply for a 3-month visa, which is mandatory.

  • The validity of the passport is up to 6 months
  • Photographs of the first and last pages of the passport should be mandatory.
  • Also several color photos
  • And one PAN card color photocopy

Qatar 3 Months Visit Visa Price


Is Qatar 3 3-month tourist visa?

Both visit and business visas are valid for 3 monthsÛ”

Is there a 3-month work visa in Qatar?

Qatar business visa is processed according to its resident and is valid for 1 to 3 months.

How much is a 3 month visit visa?

If you want to apply for a single member or resident visa, you will have to pay AED 1,750. There may also be a refund of AED 1,000 if there is a problem.


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